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Increasing brand value with a new visual identity

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XED Business School is an institution providing executive education to influential business leaders worldwide. Our task was to craft a visual identity and online presence that would attract customers and amplify the school’s brand value.

Great designs start with asking the right questions.

A robust visual identity process requires comprehensive research, a creative strategy, design competence, project management, and adaptability. We commenced our journey with a detailed questionnaire.

Questionnaires are invaluable tools for understanding a client’s business, their unique value proposition, and their target demographics. Through a detailed questionnaire, we gathered insights about what makes XED unique, their vision for the brand, and their intended audience. This helped us align our design decisions with XED’s business objectives, ensuring that the visual identity would serve as an accurate reflection of the school’s ethos and appeal to its prospective students.

Market Research

Market research forms the bedrock of our design process, enabling us to understand the industry landscape, identify ongoing trends, and analyze competitor strategies. In the case of XED, we meticulously studied the executive education market, as well as the visual identities of similar institutions, to pinpoint what works and what doesn’t. This helped us define a distinct space where XED’s brand could stand out while resonating with its target audience. This informed not just our design strategy but also our approach towards positioning the brand.

Brand Positioning

Brand positioning involves defining a brand’s unique place and value in the market, setting the foundation for how a brand communicates its offerings. Based on our market research and the insights gleaned from our questionnaire, we carved out a distinct position for XED that highlighted its commitment to molding influential business leaders. This positioning informed every design decision, from the selection of colors and typefaces to the creation of the brand symbol, each chosen to reinforce the perception of XED as a premier institution offering top-tier executive education.

Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.

Drawing inspiration from Pablo Picasso’s quote, we embarked on brainstorming sessions, sketch comparisons, and design refinement exercises. This process culminated in the creation of a sophisticated symbol, embodying growth, power, innovation, and focus. Our design adopted a minimalist color palette to maintain an upscale, classic appeal.

Let’s look at some fascinating statistics about visual identity: 81% of consumers need to trust your brand before making a purchase, decisions about your brand are formed within 50 milliseconds, uniform brand presentations can increase revenue by 33%, and a signature color can elevate brand recognition by 80%.

These figures underscore the significance of a well-crafted visual identity. Our design process, encompassing in-depth understanding, market analysis, creative ideation, and guideline formulation, has helped XED Business School leverage its intangible attributes. As a result, the institution now boasts a memorable brand experience that leaves a lasting impression, bolstering its brand value in the highly competitive executive education space.

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