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Increasing brand value with a new visual identity

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XED provides executive education to influential business leaders. The client wanted to have a visual identity and an online presence that can help attract customers and increase the value of the brand.

Great designs start with the right questions.

The visual identity process demands extensive research, creative strategy, design competence, project management, patience and flexibility. We started with a questionnaire and a meeting with our client to understand the business in depth—what makes the business unique, who is the target audience, and so on.

Know the market, then decide where you want to be.

We conducted research on the market and the competition to understand the best practices and trends. After gaining a clear context, we consolidated and defined the brand’s vision, goals and values, which served as the guiding principles of our design.

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”

— Pablo Picasso

Through braining-storming ideas, comparing sketches and fine-tuning designs, we created an elegant symbol that represented concepts of growth, power, the cutting-edge and focus. We kept the colors to a minimal to create an up-market, classic look.

Defining the guidelines and pass it on.

A successful guideline will help someone who has never seen the brand to quickly understand how to design in its style without infringing on any standards. That’s why we treat the visual identity as a framework, and that enables anyone, even a non-designer, to easily adopt and create on-brand materials.

Interesting numbers about visual identity

81% of consumers need to be able to trust your brand to make a purchase. Potential customers make up their minds about your brand in 50 milliseconds. Uniform and consistent presentations of your brand increase revenue by 33%. A signature color can boost brand recognition by 80%.

An excellent visual identity is a great start to being able to properly leverage your the intangible aspects of your business to create a memorable brand experience and leave a lasting impression.

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Elevate your brand. Improve your product. Increase your sales.

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Elevate your brand. Improve your product. Increase your sales.

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