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Viome, a rising giant in the health and wellness sector, is experiencing rapid growth. This constant expansion necessitates a robust brand identity and an innovative design strategy that can both support this upward trajectory and create a roadmap to efficiently transition the brand to the next phase and broaden its global presence.


Viome, a thriving startup, is seeing its business escalate at an accelerated pace. With the constraint of limited design time and resources, an efficient strategy to optimize design productivity is paramount in order for the company to achieve its objectives.

Simultaneously, Viome’s brand identity is in a constant state of flux due to product and market expansion. Initially established as a stool test-exclusive brand, Viome has diversified its product portfolio to include early cancer detection products and personalized oral lozenges in a short span of time. Consequently, an adaptable design strategy that can assimilate future advancements is crucial.

In the last decade, there has been a surge in wellness products. With Viome’s diagnostic test and dietary supplements founded on rigorous scientific principles, it is crucial to uphold transparency and integrity in marketing and product design.


The amalgamation of a rapidly evolving brand, diverse product range, and varied customer demographics necessitated a scalable design strategy that could tackle any obstacles. Hence, we focused on the following objectives:

1. Enhance brand value

2. Enrich user experience

3. Increase conversion rates

4. Boost design efficiency

Solution No. 1

Enhancing brand value with a new identity and design system

We crafted a sleek and contemporary brand identity poised to endure the shifting sands of time.
We implemented a scalable strategy that can incorporate diverse narratives and brand transformations.
We established a design system that is tailored to seamlessly adapt across all product lines and marketing channels.

The comprehensive brand book and design system foster our ability to innovate and create pioneering designs. These foundational tools establish the rules of engagement, providing a clear blueprint that guides all design decisions, ensuring consistency, and setting the stage for an enriched user experience .

The brand book encapsulates the essence of the brand, providing a holistic understanding of its philosophy, values, personality, and visual identity. It’s an essential reference point, guiding the creation of designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also deeply aligned with our brand’s core identity.

The design system equips us with a unified language and systematic approach, fostering efficiency, collaboration, and scalability. With the design system in place, we are able to produce groundbreaking designs more rapidly, consistently, and systematically, regardless of the complexity of the project or the size of the team involved.

Together, the brand book and design system represent the groundwork that underpins our design timelines and innovative creations. By enabling efficient workflow and maintaining brand integrity, they empower us to consistently push the boundaries of what’s possible in design, leading to the creation of truly pioneering designs that resonate with our audience and reflect the essence of our brand.

Solution No. 2

Enriching user experience with superior UI and UX

We developed a UI that prioritizes function over form, optimized for an enhanced UX.
We utilized scientific methodologies to identify customer issues and resolve product challenges.
Consequently, we managed to diminish the percentage of puzzled customers to a negligible level.

Leveraging various UX methodologies, we’ve been able to significantly enhance the user experience within our designs. Initially, we employed techniques such as persona creation and user journey mapping to gain a profound understanding of our target users, their needs, their behaviors, and their pain points. Utilizing this data, we were then able to create user-centered designs that intuitively catered to our audience’s specific needs. Additionally, usability testing played a crucial role in our process. This form of user feedback allowed us to identify any shortcomings in our designs and rectify them in an iterative manner. We also employed techniques like A/B testing to help us make data-driven decisions about various design elements. Overall, these UX methodologies have allowed us to create designs that not only resonate with our users but also provide them with a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Solution No. 3

Increasing conversion rate with data-driven knowledge & testing

We melded art and science to create products that showcase the best of both domains.
We employed a scientific approach to iterations and testing, resulting in higher conversion rates.
Many of our new designs have seen a surge of over 50% in conversion rates compared to their predecessors.

“Performing SO well… 13% CTR, 9% CVR and +$2500 revenue in just TWO days!”

Viome’s Lifecycle Manager

Referring to a lifecycle email Kevin has redesigned using the new brand guidelines and design system

Solution No. 4

Boosting the team’s design efficiency and quality with the right strategies

We pioneered a fresh design process that doubled team productivity.
We modularized designs to expedite asset creation while upholding high-quality standards.
We extended the design system to encompass nearly all design areas, fortifying brand identity and consistency.

The Future

We’re ready for global expansion

Our comprehension of both Eastern and Western cultures arms us with a unique perspective to craft design strategies that appeal to a broad spectrum of audiences. Recognizing the nuances and diversity inherent within these cultures allows us to create designs that respect and reflect these differences, fostering an inclusive design narrative. This cross-cultural understanding empowers me to devise solutions that resonate on a global scale, transcending geographical boundaries and cultural disparities.

Capitalizing on our knowledge of divergent user behaviors, We’re poised to develop superior product designs. Understanding that user habits can vary significantly based on cultural, geographical, or socio-economic factors is pivotal in creating designs that are truly user-centric. By incorporating these diverse user habits into the design process, we can enhance usability, engagement, and overall user experience, tailoring each design element to meet the specific needs and preferences of various user groups.

Our adaptability and keen sense of empathy are additional strengths that greatly enhance our design capabilities. As design trends and user expectations continually evolve, our ability to adapt quickly and effectively ensures that our designs remain relevant and impactful. Furthermore, our empathetic approach allows us to deeply understand and connect with the user’s perspective. This empathy-driven design process ensures that the solutions we develop are not only functional and aesthetically pleasing, but also provide a meaningful and intuitive user experience.

Ah, one more thing:

Design with AI

We are currently venturing into the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to augment our design efficiency and spark our creative processes. Embracing AI’s capabilities is already yielding positive results, and this is just the beginning.

We’re exhilarated by the potential AI holds for the design industry and are eager to further integrate it into our design processes. We look forward to exploring the innovative solutions, improved efficiency, and heightened creativity that AI can bring to our design journey.

Viome’s feedback to Kevin

Your leadership and expertise have been instrumental in driving our team to new heights, and your dedication to quality and collaboration have been evident in every project we have undertaken.


I am particularly impressed by the successful development and implementation of the new brand guidelines, which have provided our team with the necessary flexibility and agility to stay ahead of the competition and meet the evolving needs of our business.


Your work on creating modular design systems for multiple channels has also been transformative, leading to significant improvements in efficiency and productivity.


The collaborative design strategy that you implemented has had a significant impact on our work, enabling us to maximize creativity and quality in our designs.



I am impressed to see that our team was able to successfully manage a significantly increased volume of design requests, completing almost all of them on time despite the added urgency.


Thank you for your continued dedication to our team and our business. You have proven yourself to be an effective leader and manager and I thank you for bringing your vision, your tremendous positive mindset and your unique talent to the team and to Viome.

From the Executive Review of Kevin’s Performance in 2022. Kevin’s work and leadership achieved “Outstanding” performance ratings in all the years he has been with the company.

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