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Building new possibilities with the technology already in your hand

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Building novel possibilities with existing technology embodies the essence of innovation and design.

As social networks have revolutionized human interaction, we aimed to harness this transformation by optimizing existing technology, elevating it to forge new paradigms of communication and connection. The primary focus of our project was to innovate with current technology to foster new types of human interaction.

The advent of the internet connected us with people worldwide, but paradoxically, it often isolated us from our immediate communities. It’s undeniable that our immediate surroundings and the information available to us significantly shape our life’s quality. Hence, our goal was to design a digital network that promotes traditional forms of connections, fostering a sense of community in the digital age.

Our app introduces a feature known as Geotagged User Posts. It harnesses the power of location-based services to offer users a unique, interactive way to engage with their community.

Geotagged User Posts effectively transform physical locations into digital message boards, allowing users to exchange ideas, share experiences, or disseminate information that’s specifically relevant to that area. It’s a fantastic way to engage with local communities, events, or simply explore what’s happening around you.

In our pursuit to revolutionize human interaction, we devised a unique dimension of information dissemination. Our application, driven by the user’s location and interests, presents content that holds the most relevance for the user. This approach integrated users with their immediate surroundings, establishing a sense of familiarity and connection.


We recognized that the value of information is determined not just by location, but also by timing. A user is constantly situated in time and space, and capitalizing on these two aspects, we maximized opportunities for user integration and interaction.

A Time-Sensitive Post has a pre-set expiry time, defined by when the shared information is estimated to lose its relevance.

This feature is particularly effective for sharing time-critical information such as event invitations, flash sales, time-limited offers, or real-time updates about happenings in your area. The expiration of outdated information ensures that users always have access to the most current and relevant content, enhancing the app’s overall utility and efficiency.

As we continue to navigate the vast expanse of information dimensions, we are equipped with the technology that already exists in everyone’s hands. With the advent of augmented reality devices, we see an even greater opportunity to integrate life and information seamlessly. Stay tuned as we leverage these cutting-edge technologies, paired with intuitive design, to empower and elevate the quality of life. Our journey of innovation has only just begun.

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