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Determining what’s just over the technological horizon is art, but creating it is craft. Social networks have changed how people interact, bringing new ways to think and live. Innovating with current technology to empower new types of human interaction was the main focus of this project.


The internet did a great job in bringing people from afar together, but it has left many feeling isolated from their immediate communities. The people and information that surround us have a major impact on the quality of our lives. Our goal was to create a digital network that would bring people closer together in more traditional ways.


It’s all about Space and Time.

We created a new dimension of information. Based on the user’s location and interests, the app delivers content that’s most relevant to the user—by integrating the user into his/her surroundings. Timing is an important factor in the value of information, but location is also important—a user is never at a time without being in a place, nor is a user ever in a place without being at a time. Utilizing both location and timing, we are able to maximize the user’s opportunities for integration and interaction.


Design an attractive UI

We focus on the positive emotional response the product creates. We channel the users’ passion to increase engagement.


Create easy-to-adapt interactions

We designed consistent and logical navigational mechanisms and organizational structures to create a smooth and intuitive user experience.

Fewer features and more freedom

We focus on designing the main features and created a user experience that empowers users to create content as they like it.

Steve Jobs said: “It’s really hard to design products by focus groups. A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” Conventional product design methods are very helpful in design. But sometimes we need to go beyond that for innovation.


Today, we continue to explore new dimensions of information using the technologies that’s already available in everyone’s hand. Augmented reality devices allows even more seamless integration of life and information. Stay tuned as we use innovative and easy-to-use design to empower and improve the quality of life.

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