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EASE Restaurant

Redefining the Chinese dining experience

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Ease is a Chinese restaurant serving authentic Chinese cuisine with a modern twist. It’s first location faces a giant banyan tree, which gives the restaurant its Chinese name. The tree, having sheltered generations of social gatherings in the neighborhood, inspired the idea of providing a comfortable, easy-going dining environment. We were brought on to design the visual identity for the restaurant and to help advocate the brand story through visuals.


Modern design with deep roots

Our goal was to create a visual identity that is not only pleasant to look at but that also carries the historical essence of the culture and lifestyle. Creating an environment that has depth and is also attractive to young, trendy diners in the city.


Eastern aesthetics with a minimalist touch

Minimalism is common in traditional Asian culture and has been found to be very popular and practical in modern designs. Using a lot of white space and simple shapes gives the design a calming effect. From an advertisement point of view, this also makes the messaging clear.

Match the design to the brand

A good brand should express in the very fiber of its being the concepts of its mission and vision statements. These attributes should echo throughout all the visuals we create. The colors and textures must be carefully chosen to reflect the look and feel of the brand, creating an environment that’s not just comfortable but that evokes emotions and creates memories.

Keep everything cohesive

From the advertisements to the patterns of the interior, we fashioned all the design styles to be cohesive. The brand guidelines we created includes shapes, patterns, textures and colors that can be applied in multiple media to form a consistent and strong brand image.

Stay classic and classy

Achieving this, however, meant foregoing trendier designs. By favoring traditional fonts and colors with staying power, we were able to create branding that will last for decades.


Today, EASE has expanded to 5 locations and has been listed in the Michelin guide. The brand and visual identity has continued and has been seamlessly implemented in all the locations and materials.

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