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An Advanced In-Flight Entertainment System Case Study

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As we sail into a more digitally connected era, providing passengers with a superior and engaging in-flight experience has become a pivotal differentiator for airlines worldwide. We were commissioned to create a next-generation in-flight entertainment system for a major international airline, aiming to transform the in-flight experience and elevate user satisfaction.


In an increasingly competitive airspace, airlines are exploring innovative methods to enhance their in-flight experiences. Current systems, differing across various aircraft, present learning curves for passengers and fall short of engaging users before and after the flight. Our challenge was to devise an easily adoptable system, incorporating pre- and post-flight data, to enrich the overall in-flight experience.


Research, rethink, reinvent

Our strategy revolved around three core concepts: Research, Rethink, Reinvent. We thoroughly examined ten top-tier in-flight entertainment systems, interviewed users, and collaborated closely with airline staff to pinpoint shortcomings and identify areas of improvement. By surveying existing technologies and previewing emerging innovations, we gathered comprehensive data that helped us redefine our design approach, with a focus on personalized and intuitive user experiences.


Personalizing Passenger Experiences through Data

Leveraging pre-flight passenger data and preferences from the airline’s app, our system delivers a tailored in-flight experience. On activating their consoles, passengers are greeted by name, welcomed with a personalized dashboard, and served with content curated to their individual preferences.

An Intuitive Interface for Seamless Interaction

Emphasizing aesthetics and simplicity, we identified the most frequently used features and made them easily accessible. We designed the interface, layouts, and icons to be familiar and maintain consistency, enabling passengers to navigate effortlessly without a learning curve.

We also pinpointed common interaction points between passengers and flight attendants, incorporating these into our system to enhance user convenience.

The integration with third-party service providers further simplifies the travel experience, facilitating passenger engagement post-flight.

Revolutionizing Service Quality with the First-of-its-kind Attendant System

Our attendant system embodies a fresh design philosophy, balancing simplicity with efficiency. Arranged in a logical, intuitive sequence, this design keeps attendants informed about passenger statuses through constant feedback, thereby fostering service excellence.

Through an amalgamation of thoughtful research, innovative design, and user-centric approaches, we succeeded in redefining the in-flight entertainment experience, making it more engaging, personalized, and efficient than ever before.


The aforementioned features represent only a handful from the nearly 20 innovative functionalities that we conceived for this transformative product. Our groundbreaking design played a crucial role in securing our client’s contract with the airline, setting a visionary yet pragmatic path for the future evolution of in-flight entertainment systems.

As of today, our collaboration with the client continues to thrive. We persistently strive to enhance the product, investing in ongoing research, rigorous testing, and continuous innovation to ensure we meet and exceed evolving user expectations.

Please note that certain designs depicted in this portfolio have been modified to safeguard our client’s intellectual property. Our commitment to respecting and preserving our client’s confidential information remains a top priority in our process.

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