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Designing the future of in-flight experience

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Providing passengers with engaging in-flight experience that meets a higher standard makes an airline stand out. We were brought on to design a next generation in-flight entertainment system for a major international airline.


With increasing competition, airlines are looking for new ways to improve in-flight experience. There are different interfaces and functions on different planes, which create learning curves for passengers. These systems also have little engagement with the passengers before or after the flight—this should be remedied. The challenge is designing an easy-to-learn system that will include pre- and post-flight data that will improve the in-flight experience.


Research, rethink, reinvent

We studied 10 of the best in-flight entertainment systems, interviewed users and worked closely with airline staff to identify problems and pain points. We looked at technologies that are currently available and previewed technologies on the horizon. With that information, we went back to the drawing board. Our goal was to create a design that users would find personal and natural.


Using data to personalize the passenger’s experience

With preflight passenger information and preferences already in the airline app, the system identifies each passenger’s seat, and feeds the interface with personalized content. The moment passengers turn on the consoles, they are greeted by name with a personalized dashboard, and content curated to their liking.

An elegant, intuitive interface facilitates easy interaction

Designing with aesthetics and minimalism in mind, we identified the most popular information and functions and made it easily accessible. The interface, layouts, icons were designed to look familiar, and have consistent standards so users know what to do without having to learn.

We wanted to make the travel experience easy and smooth. Connecting with third-party service providers gives us the opportunity to engage with the passengers after flight.

We identified the most common passenger and flight attendant interactions points and enabled those actions in the system to make life easier for everyone.

Improve both efficiency and service quality with the first attendant system

We designed the attendant system following a new set of principles. While still keeping the system easy to learn and use, we emphasized accessibility and efficiency. The design set information in a logical, natural order, keeping attendants informed of passenger status with constant feedback.


The features mentioned above are just a few of nearly 20 features that we created for the product. The innovative design helped our client secure the contract with the airline, and it created an inspiring vision, and actionable direction for the future of the in-flight entertainment system.

Today, we continue to work with our client to improve the product through research, testing and innovation.

Some designs in this portfolio are altered to protect our client’s intellectual property.

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