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VLS is an up-and-coming unicorn of the health and wellness industry. The fast-scaling business requires a brand identity and a design strategy that supports rapid growth, and actionable plans that take the brand to the next stage and to the global market.


Many wellness products have emerged over the last decade—some have lived up to their name, some have not. It’s difficult for customers to tell which ones are based in science. With a diagnostic test and dietary supplements that were developed from a body of knowledge founded on strict scientific principles, it’s important to remain as open and as truthful as possible in marketing.


Combining a fast evolving brand with multiple offerings and diverse customer groups, we needed a scalable and versatile identity that would welcome any challenge we might face. We decided to focus on the following goals with design:

Create brand value

Increase conversion

Improve satisfaction

Reduce overheads

Increase efficiency


Increase brand awareness and generate brand value with a new visual identity

Utilizing modular designs to create design assets rapidly

Combing custom design assets with stock assets in a consistent manner

Use multiple iterations and testing to gain higher conversion rate


Prepare for product iteration and evolution using scalable designs

Use sustainable design and recycle materials to minimize overheads and maximize value

Use UX design techniques to identify customer pain points and solve product problems

Reduce customers support workload with better information that are based on research and testing


“Performing SO well… 13% CTR, 9% CVR and +$2500 revenue in just TWO days!”

VLS Employee

Kevin works closely with VLS on multiple touch points to increase the brand value, providing measurable results.

The Future

Give the app a new life

A newly designed app is on the horizon. It will deliver a more friendly and seamless experience for our customers while incorporating a new visual identity and using an improved design system to streamline development. Stay tuned.

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Elevate your brand. Improve your product. Increase your sales.

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